Important Things to Look When You Buy Black Garlic

If you are a cook or you know how to really make a delicious and hearty meal, you will really understand the importance of using herbs and spices. It really changes the flavor when you use spices and herbs in your food. One of the most commonly used spices is garlic. But are you familiar with black garlic? If this is actually your first time hearing it, then you need to read the rest of this article.

What is black garlic?

Black garlic is a kind of garlic that is processed differently than the regular one you see in the grocery. This black one is exposed to heat and humidity for over 2 to 3 months which causes it to change its color. More information about schwarzer knoblauch on

But there is a purpose why it changes because in Asian countries where it is first seen and used is that they believed that it has a lot of health benefits and at the same time it gives a lot of sweetness and flavor when it is prepared that way. If you are planning to use this next in your food, then you need to remember and learn first how to properly use this black garlic.

You can purchase black garlic from Asian specialized stores or online

Since black garlic is rare to find, you might want to check them out in their specialized stores or if not, you can try to purchase them online. But make sure that you are buying from legit sellers and who is known to sell good black garlic so that you will really enjoy the benefit that comes with it.

It is very important to learn first and familiarize with black garlic before using it in food. So that you will be able to fully enjoy its flavor and you won’t be disappointed with it.