Must Know When it Comes to Music Blog Submission

There are thousands of blogs out there but one thing that some offer would be music blog submission wherein you can actually help yourself in promoting you. There are a lot of multiple facilities in which you can have your music promoted but having a blog with a very huge following base would really help in getting your music into the willing ears of people. However, choosing a blog can be hard especially if you are new at this thing. To help you out, here are some tips to help you out in your music blog submission.


The thing that you must really take a note on would be about if the blog would charge you up or not when they are going to promote your own music. There are sites that would do it for free especially if they like the song you have made but for some, that are unselective, it might be a matter of paying them for a certain fee so that they would promote you for a given time frame. Either is nice depending on your intent for your specific music so you might as well just focus on that. More information about submit music to blogs on artist rack.


As for the popularity, this one is a matter of figuring out which one is the blog that has a high number of followers so that you are able to get the optimum number of listeners. If you are going to be paying for their service anyways, you might as well get the best there is so you can have your money’s worth at that.


As for their offers, do check them out just so you can see which one will be the most worth it depending on the prices and the inclusions of each of the offers that they will make you.