Tips to Increase Ad Revenue in Website

Admit it! Earning is really a primary goal in setting up one’s website. The growing trend of e-commerce business is one way one can earn from a website. That is, when your website is into selling, let’s say an online store, surely you’ll earn from it and receive profits from your direct sales. Today, people are becoming to embrace online shopping due to busy schedule.

Another good thing to make earnings in websites is through Affiliate Marketing. This is where you can earn through referral fees from merchants when a product is being linked that would result to sales.

Finally, you can earn through Advertising. This is earning revenue through ads displayed in your website, blogs, or even newsletter.

Now let’s talk about more on Advertising and how you can increase ad revenue from website.

• Ad Location. Analyze properly where to place your advertisement. When you are trying to increase CTR or Click through Rate for your advertisement, then you may place it above the fold, near your call to action, or integrate the ads to the site’s content.
• Ad Types and Ad Designs. According to experts, ad units blending with colors of the website had significantly increases the Click through Rate, thus also increase ad revenue. For some, they settle in into text ads over images. Make sure that the constructed ad text are shown and created contrasting color theme that helps in highlighting the ads.
• Ad revenue optimization. It’s always been a good idea to continuously optimize your advertisement. No matter how good and beautiful your website looks like, it’s always great to always keep an eye on the possible weaknesses of your ads. Some visitors who often visit your websites may tend to ignore your ads. Try to change or improve your ad every now and them to make sure that they capture eyes of viewers.